EMD Diesel Generator 3 MW Mega Watt EMD

EMD Diesel Generator 3 MW Mega Watt EMD

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Technical Information: This rectifier is designed to supply a constant voltage output for any load within its ratings.

Beyond approximately 105% of rated load, the output voltage will drop rapidly, thereby protecting the rectifier and the system to which it is connected.

This rectifier is ideal for a battery charger since it supplies a constant current to a discharged battery.

O&M Manufacturing cooling tower/radiator (refurbished in 2005) Cooling tower/radiator

Technical Information: This is an air-cooled heat exchanger using extended fin surface sections to remove heat.

It consists of cooling sections with round finned tubes in the horizontal position with an air distributing (plenum) chamber immediately under the sections, followed by a fan located inside an orifice.

The fan is mounted on the shaft and is driven by a V-belt drive connected to an electric motor.

The heat transfer fluid is the environmentally friendly polyethylene glycol.

Ingersoll Rand lead/lag air compressor skid to supply starting air for engine.

System has 200 gallon air receiver tank.

Lead/Lag air compressor skid

Technical Information: Two (2) air compressors used in an alternating system.

Each compressor is a 10 HP baseplate-type unit which produces 30 cfm @ 250 psi.

Ultra Air air dryer to be used with Ingersoll Rand air compressor skid.

Dryer is refrigerated.

Air dryer Technical Information: Air drying unit is used to keep moisture from the air

system. This will prevent debris from entering the air powered starting motors.

Westinghouse Utility (52U) and Generator (52G) breaker (rated at 15kV)

Generator breaker Technical Information: Westinghouse VCP-W metal-clad, 3-cycle, drawout,

electrically operated vacuum paralleling breaker model 150 VCP-W500, 1200 amp

frame rated 500 MVA interrupting capacity, 62 kA close and latch. Charging motor trip and close coils are rated 120 VDC.