40 hp boiler

Diamond City, Canada


he boiler is a 2006 40 hp Williams and Davis, it has only 2 seasons work for a total of approx. 6 months.
The tubes are next to brand new , I have changed the safety low water cut off to a new manual control and the hi limit has a manual reset control as this is code in some areas and will be code in Alberta soon. The other pressure controls have being replaced also. It has a low pressure light alarm on outside of bldg. The system runs on208/ 3 phase and has its own issu 14 kW gen set with approx. 4000 hours, the water pump has 6 weeks on it and is a 2hp Burks 30 gal per min and is top of the line, the boiler does have its own chemical pot to add chemical directly to boiler. I believe the fuel tank is 600 lts and the water tank is 800 gal, the control panel is a higher grade class panel, and all valves are united brass, these valves are rated number one in the steam industry. As a servicing company and approved by ABSA I have being through this boiler totally and over hauled the burner also with new parts. The boiler has a two inch header line to a manifold of 2 – 1 inch hoses or 1-2 inch hose, also has a return line to the water tank, hot line are insulated for safety, this unit is fully self-contained skid unit, if wanted I have setup the power to be ran off of gen set or I have I believe a hundred foot corn so it can be plugged into other 208 power if wanted. The pressure relief valve is a 150 psi valve, this unit work very well and is a good unit. The paint on the bldg. is one year old and is high quality urethane paint. This boiler is valued much higher than what I am willing to let it go for, at 60000 this is a very good buy as its value to rebuild with all the quality parts I have put into this it would cost approx. 80000 plus, I am not selling it due to problems with it, I have put a lot of pride into this unit and whoever has it will be happy. It is certified for part of 2016 and I will certify it for the 2016/2017 season



ManufacturerWilliams and Davis
Model2006 40 hp