Model SH Hubbell Water Heater Electric Storage Tank Brand New SH-200-0-120SST4

Model SH Hubbell Water Heater Electric Storage Tank Brand New SH-200-0-120SST4

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The Model SH and H is a fully packaged water heater designed to be a reliable and long lasting source for hot water. Each component is carefully selected to ensure performance in even the most demanding application. Whether you are heating potable water in a commercial building or heating process water in an industrial application you can select a Hubbell Model SH or H to do the job. When you specify and install a Hubbell SH or H model water heater you will have confidence in knowing that the owner will be provided with a quality product that is a long lasting and trouble free source for hot water. Reliable Only high grade materials used in construction to ensure long operating life Hydrastone cement lining provides superior protection and tank longevity Heavy duty construction withstands demanding commercial/industrial use Packaged System Fully packaged water heater saves time and money during installation All electrical operating controls are factory selected and wired to ensure reliable operation Versatile Full range of styles, sizes, and optional features to meet your exact water heating needs Highly efficient design lowers peak power demand and reduces operating costs Model SH and H Standard Equipment Vessel Construction All welded carbon steel vessel designed and built in strict accordance with the ASME Code Section IV and stamped, certified and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors All internal tank surfaces are lined with a minimum of 5/8" thick Hydrastone cement for superior protection and tank longevity Designed for 125 psi working pressure and hydrostatically tested at 188 psi (1 1/2 times the WP) General Heavy duty 2" thick fiberglass blanket insulation covers 100% of the pressure vessel for maximum operating and minimal standby heat loss Entire vessel is supported on heavy duty integrally welded steel supports for sturdy floor mounting Full five (5) year Non Pro-Rated tank warranty and one (1) year electrical component warranty Bronze ASME rated combination temperature and pressure safety relief valve set at the vessel working pressure and 210°F Electrical Operating Controls All electrical operating controls are factory sized, selected, wired, tested and mounted in a NEMA 1 enclosure to ensure safe and reliable operation A power distribution block is supplied for single point electrical connection Power fuses rated at a maximum of 60 Amps protect each heating element branch circuit per NEC and UL requirements. Each branch circuit has a maximum rating of 48 Amps Heavy duty definite purpose magnetic contactor with integrally mounted power fuse block assembly switches power on/off to each branch circuit Heavy duty removable flange type copper sheathed immersion heating element provides long service life Fully adjustable thermostat maintains accurate water temperature and is sized by the factory to control the appropriate number of heating element circuits A generously sized transformer provides fused 120V to the control circuit A fully adjustable (100-240°F) safety hi-limit device with manual reset interrupts power to the control circuit in the event of over-temperature water in the storage tank Safety door interlock mechanism interrupts power to the control circuit upon opening the electrical control panel Louvers in the control panel as needed to allow for cooling of the electrical components to ensure maximum electrical component longevity TR121


ManufacturerModel SH Hubbell Water Heater Electric Storage Tank Brand New