Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer

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You can arrange the equipment and ductwork in any configuration to fit your space.

The Biggest change is how you run your ductwork. 

Fluid bed dryer has a pre drying system that runs through the ducts.

Material is then dried in a fluid bed.

System is designed to dry 1,000 lbs an hour of any type of dime sized bimass.

Can be used to dry bedding, sand, hemp, any material that can be pelletized. 

Item list:

  1. Propane Burners x2 
  2. 75 HP fan x2
  3. 30 HP fan x1
  4. conveyors x3
  5. cyclones w/ 2hp airlocks x2
  6. Fluid bed dryer
  7. VFDs for all equipment