Evapco Cooling Tower 73 Ton AT-14-66

Evapco Cooling Tower 73 Ton AT-14-66

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EVAPCO AT-14-66 induced draft counterflow cooling tower with CTI Certified performance to cool up to 200 gpm of water from 95ºF to 85ºF at 72ºF entering wet bulb temperature. Technical Data: Fan Motor (HP): 3.00 Heater (kW): 3.00 Air Flow (CFM): 15,300 Inlet Pressure Drop (psi): 3.5 Evaporated Water Rate (gpm): 1.6 Operating Weight (lbs): 2,460 Shipping Weight (lbs): 1,390 Accessories included: IBC Compliant up to 1g Ladder Vibration Switch 3 HP VFD Control Panel PID Temperature Controller 304 Stainless Steel Cold Water Basin Contactor w/Transformer and Disconnect for Heater Package El. Heaters (0F / -18C ambient) (1) @ 3 kW Fan Motor: Inverter Duty (2) Goulds 75H Pumps with 10HP Baldor Motors (2) Honeywell 10HP Variable Frequency Drives JY201


ManufacturerEvapco Cooling Tower 73 Ton