Yaskawa Motoman SK16 Super 7 axis robot with PLC controls

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This Yaskawa Motoman SK16 super 7 axis robot is not just a robot and controller, this is a complete system that includes a 15' linear DC servo drive unit so the robot can travel 15' laterally for unique uses. This entire package sold for over 250,000 new. It is rare to find a robot mounted on a linear slide like this is. The linear slide is built completely from 3/4 and 1" thick steel, and is extremely heavy duty.

This robot is on a 15' linear servo drive, which means it is a 6 axis robot and the 15' linear slide gives it the 7th axis. This robot was used by Harley Davidson to pinstripe only their custom gas tanks, so it has seen very limited light duty use. It is in beautiful shape. A very important note is this model robot is still fully supported by Motoman.

This complete robot system also comes with a large PLC cabinet (see pics) that is packed with ALOT of power to control the DC slide, laser light curtains, air logic, Ethernet connections, and any other processes you may need to do. The PLC cabinet is 6' tall, 55" wide, and 18" deep. As the pictures show, it is very clean, and well equipped for any task you may need.

The SK16 super has a 61" reach, and can handle a 36 pound payload at end of arm. The original teach pendant is also included and is inside the robots cabinet.

The Alllen Bradley main operating station is included, (see pics) and this is where you choose and initiate the programs you have made for the robot to perform.

The safety control cabinet (not in pics) is included. This is the control port for the safety laser light curtain systems. (laser curtains not included)

All the original installation wiring and connectors are included to connect the PLC cabinet, operating station, the safety laser light curtain systems, Air logic controls, etc. All wires are labeled and all have the connectors intact for easy installation. See pic of inside of PLC cabinet for the large array of wires and cables to connect all components.

Power to the robot is 480v 3 phase, 50 amp service to the PLC cabinet. and 480v 3 phase, 20 amp service to the robot's cabinet.

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