Biodiesel Equipment Package BioKing BK-CSV-2000MT

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BK-CSV-2000MT Model
Setup for a Conventional Two Stage Process with Centrifuge Separation
Skid Mounted, Delivered Without the Methanol Recovery Skid

REF M9943ppq

Designed for a Continuous Two Stage Process to Process Soybean Oil (or other <1.5 FFA feedstock) at an Annual Production of 5 Million Gallons Per Year. Click here for Specs.

Main Operating System is by PLC with Variable Speed Pumps
Boiler has Dual Fuel Capacity to Burn Glycerin Generated

All New Tanks Include:
4- STANWADE METAL PRODUCTS- 25,000 Gallon, Carbon Steel
Double Wall, Above Ground Tank, 12 Ft. Wide x 12 Ft. Tall x 29.8 Ft. Long, Mfg. 2007 with: White Urethane Exterior, 1/4" Primary Heads, 1/4" Shell, 1/4" Secondary Heads, 7 Gauge Secondary Shell; 27,000 lbs empty weight.

2- STANWADE METAL PRODUCTS- 10,000 Gallon, Carbon Steel
Double Wall, Above Ground Tank, Mfg. 2007 with: White Urethane Exterior.

1- STANWADE METAL PRODUCTS- 12,000 Gallon, STI-P3 Underground Methanol Tank.


ManufacturerBiodiesel Equipment Package BioKing