$75,000 (USD)

Fullerton, CA


Bystronic 3015 Dual Head Waterjet Cutting Machine


Swiss made! In excellent condition both running & cosmetically.This machine has more features than any waterjet on the market! Features a dual head system, Table shuttle, Bystronic control, New Bystronic hopper system, hole popper and so much more (see below).

We put a lot of hours in this machine to make it complete. This machine is on our warehouse floor available for inspection under power at any time. Bystronic is one of the premier manufacturers of high quality waterjet system.

This machine retailed at $575,000. New!!!

Video of the machine under power:

Manufacturer: Bystronic
Model: 3015
S/N: W240/506 #30002335
Year: 2005

Cutting area 120"x 60"
Z-axis stroke 9.84"
Repeat tolerance +/- .002"
Max simultaneous Positioning speed X/Y 3307 ipm
Max material thickness that can be placed on table 7.87"
Max weight that can be placed on frame 1-ton per meter
Weight that can be placed on cutting grate 132 lbs
Number of grate bars 20
Max number of grate bars 50
Max material thickness that can be fixed 1.574"
Recommended foundation thickness 11.810"
Floor load .8 -1.0 N/cm2
Floor evenness over 16-ft +/- .200"
Rotary axis max tube length w/ tailstock 106"
Theoretical max diameter with tips 7.87"
Theoretical max weight rotary axes 1102 lbs
POsitioning tolerance rotary axis +/- .03 deg
Max mass weight moment of part 3 kgm2
Pump minimal applied pressure *dynamic with open line 14.5 psi to 87 pis max
Consumption at pump input 2.5 gal/min
Connection dimension diameter 16mm
Drill unit applied pressure ca. 72.5 psi (5 bar)
Drill unit consumption ca 1 dl/min
Drill unit connection dimension 1/4"
Machine minimal input pressure 87 psi (6 bar)
Machine connection dimension 10 mm
Machine max consumption 177 cfh
Machine max consumption drill (single tool) 1130 cfh
Machine max consumption abrasive feeder 389 cfh