Clayton Steam Generator 120 HP 250 PSI

No longer available

Clayton Steam Generator 120 HP 250 PSI



The Steam Generator System Van VA2500 is used as a storage and shipping container for the components of the Steam Generator System, which include two Steam Generators (SG0010), a Submersible Heating Coil (SG0011), and Ancillary Basket (SG0012, a Water Treatment Skid (SG0015), Lifting forks, hoses, and other miscellaneous parts!

The Steam Generator SG0010 is a water-in-tube boiler and will deliver its rated output of 99% quality steam (containing less than 1% moisture) per hour from 60*F feedwater. The generator will develop its full rated pressure within five minutes from a cold start. The steam generator is used during oil spill recovery operations.

The 120-Hp Capacity Water Treatment Skid Package SG0015 contains on one skid all components necessary to chemically treat the steam generators' feedwater. The skid contains the receiver, softeners, chemical pumps, blowdown tank, control box, and booster pump(s). Water system control and monitoring are required on any boiler or steam generator to protect it against corrosion and scaling.



ManufacturerClayton Industries