CLEAVER BROOKS MODEL CB400-350-150 Steam Boiler 150 PSI 350 HP Ultra Low NOx

$49,995 (USD)

Santa Ana, CA


Auxiliary Support Equipment Included • ASME Blow Down Separator with after cooler. • Duplex Feed Water / Condensate receiver tank with duplex Grundfoss Pumps and steam pre-heater. • Double wall vent stack with rain cap and test ports for SCAQMD testing Boiler Specifications • Power Flame Sub 9PPM (@3%O2) Ultra Low NOx (CO sub 50ppm) burner to comply with SCAQMD "Best Available Control Technology" requirements. Alzeta CSB Technology • 150 PSIG design. Constructed in accordance with ASME Section I for "Power Boilers" • Year Built 1988. Boiler Re-Tubed in 2013, Burner retrofitted in 2013 • New Exterior paint job ON BOILER AND AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT prior to pick up • Set up for Outdoor service. • Relief valves set at 150 PSIG for 135 PSIG service. • Steam Pressure Controls include manual reset high steam pressure control, combination operating steam pressure control and modulating firing rate control with Auto Manual Station. 14,645,000 BTUH input on natural gas. 350 boiler horsepower • Boiler water side controls include automatic float type low water cut off and pump control, auxiliary manual reset probe type low water cut off, probe type high water alarm. • 0-300# 8" diameter steam pressure gauge. • 200-700F 6" stack thermometer • Main Natural gas train including a natural gas flow meter, dual body Siemens gas valve with built in pressure regulating SKP valve. • High and low gas pressure switches. • Pilot gas train with regulator and solenoid gas valves. • 6,000 volt ignition transformer. • Honeywell RM7800 based flame safeguard with UV scanner. • Honeywell R7999 fuel air ration control with separate actuators for fuel and air for precise operation. • Touch screen display for R7999 interface. • Main control panel with on-off switch, lights for power, ignition on, main fuel on, low water, high water, air filter service, air filter lock out and flame failure. • Boiler is 115" wide x 264" long including all ...


ManufacturerCleaver Brooks