Beta Star Autoclave Sterilizer N262639 with Biocontainment Seal 262639

Beta Star Autoclave Sterilizer N262639 with Biocontainment Seal 262639

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Beta Star Autoclave Sterilizer 262639-SSA-HHR-RCTB-ANC with Bio-containment Seal, Beta-Star Serial No.: AS0018/4724 This is a 26”H x 26”W x 39”L vessel. The remainder of the model number letters indicate this is a: S: Single Door S: Vertical Sliding A: Automatic Door H: High Vacuum (Powered Vacuum system option) H: House Steam Supply R: Recessed Installation R: Right Hand Service Side C: Door 1 Environmental Seal T: Sanitary/Threaded 316 S/S Piping B: Bottom Shelf Equipped A: Allen Bradley SLC500E Control System N: No Remote C: Customer Specific Configuration This sterilizer was designed with the optional bio-containment flange welded to the vessel to serve as a sealed and ready-to-install rigid support for the adaptable bio-containment extension panels. This helps to ensure a reliable and turnkey pathogen barrier for containment applications. The Beta Star's design prevents harmful pathogens and viruses from exiting the sterilizer at any time during the sterilization process. Pathogens are retained with a heated 0.2um hydrophobic filter until the required sterilization exposure time has be achieved. The sloped chamber base and internal liquid dams retain effluent during the entire sterilization period. This sterilizer was manufactured in late 2006 and delivered in February of 2007. Beta-Star maintains Device History Records for all of its sterilizers. Beta-Star recommends pressure vessel inspection and factory service support for any Beta-Star machine about to be recommissioned. Upon purchase of this sterilizer, we will provide the contact information for the Beta-Star Service Manager who has the past records of this machine and who can arrange servicing and installation. TG2066


ManufacturerBeta Star Autoclave Sterilizer N262639 with Biocontainment Seal