Two 20 ton ,135kW Unused rooftop HVAC air handling units

$20,000 (USD)

Edmonton, Canada

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These units are new

Date of manufacture: 2012, delivery date: 2013
Application: Outdoor rated , roof-top mounted For close environment control in high-voltage switchrooms or data centres. Equipped with air-filtration, temperature and humidity controls as well as full instrumentation, monitoring, and control
Condition: Unused, never installed
Manufacturer and model: Engineered air Model FWB 212///K/V/O
Air handling Capacity: 4000CFM each
Cooling capacity: 2 x 120,000BTU/Hr Danfoss SZ120S4VC, 480Volt 3 phase 60HZ or 400/231V 50HZ, Universal Scroll compressors in each unit.
Heating capacity: Electrotherm Serpentine Model FT-CBEP, 135kW in 4 steps of 22.5 and 1 of 45kW
Filter restriction Gauges: Dwyer with High and low settings
Size : 8ft wide X 9ft 6” high x 7ft deep. Weight 5500 lbs each
Fan capacity: Comes with 2X 5HP fan assemblies, each rated for 4000 CFM
Power supplies: Separate Fusible switches supplied for 480 volt heating coils and fans and 480 volt cooling compressors and 120 volt control supply.
Notes: Comes complete with full automatic or manual controls, motor starters, overloads, fused disconnects, safety switches, internal overloads, thermostats etc
General: Designed for use in ambients from minus 35 o C to +45 0C, with inlet and exhaust air dampers, crankcase heaters, protection module,, control for , compressor loading and unloading , fan, ignition, high and low limits, high/low pressure, high/low ambient , gas valve low and high stage control, time delays ect in a NEMA3 stainless steel enclosure, main disconnect switch also in stainless NEMA 3. Separate sealed compartments for filters, dampers fans and motors. Comes with two sets of circuit /installation diagrams, manuals etc.
Original Purchase price: $217,980.00 for the pair,

$20,000.00 or best offer